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  1. I am with you, yuda... The last weeks have been rather unbalanced and I hope this will change again in the near future. But I am sure that the GMs are aware of the issue and will take measures once it becomes necessary in order to maintain a certain level of game balance.
  2. Hey lzaya, you can use the one provided by the Aion Destiny team, it works like a charm for me: click
  3. According to the dictionary in the forums: Nochsana Trainig Camp (25+) - Насан/ТЛ
  4. Hey Zowlo, this one worked for me: click
  5. Hey, people are looking for a NTC groups pretty frequently. If you would like to join a legion with english speaking members just let me know and I am happy to send you an invitation! 🙂 P.s.: Some of us did NTC yesterday and for sure it was not the last time 😉
  6. Hey, glad to hear that you found the root cause of the connection issues. Are you going to replace the router now?
  7. Thanks for sharing the output! Well, it looks like you are having packet loss, most likely due to an unstable wireless connection. Can you try to move your PC (Laptop?) closer to your router? This should improve the connection. Or as I suggested before try to connect your PC via cable. If you don't get the disconnects anymore than we have the proof that your WiFi is causing the issue. If you can't move the PC closer to the router and using a lan cable permanently is no option, you could use a wireless extender to improve the signal strength.
  8. Hello Kattie, the server is basically stable and disconnects occur (to me) very, very rarely. I assume that the issue is rather related to your WiFi (a wired connection should always be preferred) or to the routing of your ISP. Could you please open a command prompt, enter tracert and then post the output here in the forum? Also, do you have a chance to (temporarily) use a wired connection and see if this makes any difference?
  9. Hey... you just sent me a PM that you have purchaes 350 tolls via PayPal but you have not received it, yet... Can you provide your accountname please so an Administrator can look into it?
  10. Hey, 14 days vip is 5.09€ 30 days vip is 8.49€
  11. Hey, I just missed you... now you are offline. I will try to add you, also please just whisper me again when you come online 🙂 Thanks and cu ingame
  12. maval1ty

    Server down

    Do be up to date you obviously have to check the russian part of the forum, too: 😉 Server problems
  13. Hehe, that means you are (successfully) playing with "your" 3.5 client now? In that case you might want to download the Destiny 3.5 client in background so in case you encounter any issues you can simply extract and use that freshly downloaded copy. Have fun and see you in Atreia! 🙂
  14. Well, the server IP address is and the server is located in Moscow, Russia (click here for details).
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