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  1. Hello! I'm thelostprophet. During arena 1v1 today I was against Angrybirdbird. During the bridge stage he kept pulling me off the bridge. Is this accepted??? I couldn't have done anything against it except not moving...
  2. Salut! Nu recunosc nick-ul. Poti sa-mi dau cerere pe joc 😃
  3. Hello everybody, I'm cleric lv60 decent gear and with a bit of experience. I started playing the game again and I'm looking for an active English speaking legion with whom I can do instances and some pvp. LE: I found a legion. EvulSmurfies. Asmo Side. Prophet
  4. Does not matter the instance. For example I need rings. Maybe other group members needed them too. Fortunatly they did not drop. If GiveMeFive steals from Raksang, they can steal from other instances too.
  5. Queenise/Queenies from GiveMeFive stole loot from Raksang. Is there a dedicated post in forum for all the thieves?
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