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  1. Please I am still waiting.....Please help me....
  2. Dear administrator Today I am little bit drunk. And when I clean my bag. I accidentally deleted full set of Lv60 AP gear ( Honorable chain ) by mistake. All +15 My account: megodiego Character: Snowbaby Time is about 22:00-22:30 8-8-2020 Moscow time. Could you please check the log. And help me get them back. It took me so long time to get full set of them. So please help me. Please. Waiting for your reply.
  3. Hi, when will you at home? I am still waiting
  4. hello, where can I find your discord
  5. Hello, I gifted my Alt.(name: Aleei) an Stromwing Egg from Aileei by mistake. The character already have the Stromwing pet. I should send it to the character name: Ailei So can you help me transter it? Or can you refound it. So I can gift again myself. Waiting for your reply.
  6. Character name: Aileei When I talk with Kistenian to get the Lv. 37 Thawing Kurngalfberg Campaign Quest It directly jump to the 3rd step (show in attachment) And I don't have the quest item to move on. So it is stuck. Need a fix of it.
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