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  1. This event is every saturday at the same time?
  2. plurialpt


    Hey y'all i bought a name change yesterday and i'd like to change for a name with big letters how can i do that like WWWWW and not like Wwwwww Thanks, for your time.
  3. I think that's not a problem is just importing the model they should have acess of those models, that's a cool think having some diferent mount in game is always the same.
  4. A good sugesto to the server is to add some new things into the item shop like mounts there's only the main aion mount u should add some new (hourses, skateboard's ...etc) i thinks this is a good way to earn more money and to diversify the mounts and this is not only for mounts have another old items to be renovated. I wish you all the best.
  5. i'm lvl 410 in aethertapping and i want to gather everyday where i can buy the extractors where and how many i can ? i m in elyos side.
  6. plurialpt


    This server is going to change for 4.0? and then will reset to a new one ?
  7. Hey y'all enjoy my stream in destiny 3.5 only for english community. https://www.twitch.tv/plurialpt
  8. But we'll gonna play again or is forever ?
  9. That' doesn't work i've it in vip version dont change the real ip.
  10. server down ? can't enter
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