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    Physical Stat Caps

    We're still figuring out what the exact numbers are but I can confirm you'll hit the 50% Crit cap with 939 Crit Strike as that's what I have currently. I think 900 is likely the exact number (as I think Tiamat has 400 strike resist). That's fully buffed, scroll, Food, mantras. 2.5k accuracy should be enough for pve. As for pvp you just want about 500 crit more than max strike resist and you'll need a second set for accuracy if you want to hit past block sets.
  2. Since you're currently updating the game I felt it might be a good time to share some ideas for improving the existing content. Empty 1 vs 1 Arenas Some players are trying to pair with their alts in order to get a free win. This results in players getting no opponent and having to reapply over and over. I suggest a 2 hour entry ban for passing twice in succession. Phasing when afk in arena When a player goes afk in the arena they stay out of phase for around 30 seconds. This drags out the length of the arena until round 2 when it could be ended much faster. This could be shortened to 5-10 seconds. Invincibility Shield in arena This raises your magic resist so high that magic classes can't touch you. Physical classes on the other hand get 5 seconds of free damage. It pains me to write this as a Gladiator main but it's only fair that the shield works both ways. Dredgion entry options I propose that three entry options be given. 1) Quick Entry for players with no group who want to play. 2) Pvp entry for groups looking for a competitive Dredgion. 3) Afk entry for players looking to just sit in the base until its over. Mentoring during siege This seemingly increases the rewards given during Tia siege. A block on mentoring in the forts would solve this. Scrolls sharing cooldowns This was changed in later patches so you could rescroll immediately after death. Improved macros The left side of accessories won't work with macros. This was fixed during a later patch along with a complete macro overhaul. This would be a good inclusion to your on going updates.
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