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  1. Oh no, NPCs don't speak in English but the game runs in English... better not play the game
  2. Aleanip

    Physical Stat Caps

    My friend has 600 crit with buffs and he outdpses almost anyone in DLR, i think it is just on this server. Same why mages deal more damage, as mobs seem to have no spell resist
  3. I am not sure what you are talking about, do you know how many times we asmos get attacked by your asian morph squad? There is literally a circlejerk between elyos asia and asmo asia, they have like a contest between each other who is the better asian lol
  4. As I said, same thing happened last week to us. I guess when it is to the asmos you do not care, but when it is on your side all of a sudden the world crumbles 😞
  5. Are you salty because of Gelk/Inggi? Same happened to the asmos previous Gelk/Inggi raid 🤔
  6. Hi, look for SwarmOfBalls guild. Deputies:
  7. Classes? And most importantly, what is your race?
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