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  1. This is an old server that is dead, and the player wants Destiny to open a new 2.5 server
  2. Destiny's team was popular with Chinese, Korean, and Russian gamers, hope Destiny's team can fulfill the dream of these fans by reopening a new 2.5 server, allowing those who like to play 3.5 to stay on 3.5, and giving those who like to play 2.5 a home
  3. If Destiny were to open a new 2.5 server again, I believe that online players could break 2000+
  4. Now many Chinese + Russian + South Korean players want to play 2.5 server again. Could Destiny consider this for these players?
  5. And not all Russian players will not want to open the new 2.5 servers as I understand SlaVVe Vortex as the original Russian players will want you to open the new 2.5 servers
  6. Now AionDestiny is not just a Russian server, it's an international server, and you have to take care of the minds of the Russian players, and you have to take care of the minds of the Asian players
  7. I can clearly tell you, if you open a new 2.5 server, there will be a lot of Asian players to play on your server, if you are not ready to open the new server for a long time, the ultimate result is: Asian players will slowly leave Russia server, this to you and your team is not a loss?
  8. AionDestiny2.5 only Asian players will exceed 800-1000. Why are there not enough people to play the game?
  9. Destiny now needs to think about how she can entice The Chinese + Koreans to stay on the server and compete. The best way to do this is to open a new version 2.5 server
  10. Destiny will need to take advantage of her brand to attract more Chinese + Koreans. Even the new server will have more Asian players. The best version is 2.5
  11. Destiny: Is Destiny willing to give up 1000+ Chinese + Korean players?
  12. AionDestiny3.5 Once Chinese + Korean highest online 800-1000+ But now the Chinese + Koreans are only 300+, and many Asian players are waiting for Destiny's next 2.5 server
  13. Version 3.5 is getting so tired of Asian players that they are gradually leaving. If a new server is not opened in time, Destiny will lose Asian players in the near future
  14. Do you know the concept of 1000+ Asian players?They pay Destiny a lot of Tolls
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