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  1. fixed i had to quit everything and take the quest again and start from the begining....
  2. Hi , I have the quest from ingisson for the mithril medals the one that u need to kill Fierce Serrators. i killed 20 mobs and no drop for the quest
  3. i dont see any point in playing this server when u guys are doing nothing to fix things . i cant finnish the quest with housing beacause my butler doesnt have the quest, my crafting cant be mastered beacause things disapear from inventory , and bosses in tiamat drop balaur meat like some mobs... if u find enaugh people to play with . im in game with 4 friends that we can play together but cant find any to do tiamat . the experience till now is that even if i have vip the drops are no better than retail , the instance u cant make , the craft is bugged , so i cant make further the siel gear , the pvp arenal u go there just to be killed by the fully geared ppl that are doing only arenas , sieges and farming keys in eye . this is a dead server if u guys dont do anything . Give lvl 30 , lvl 45, lvl 50 and 55 whatever to make ppl play and be able to make instances beacause they are quiting like crazy by lvl 30-40 the stop playing the game . put normal xp higher just to get them to lvl 50-60 mabe they want to play more . beacause i dont plan on putting any more money in this server if nothing changes by the time my vip runs out.
  4. i have the shittiest picture made... i still have in my inventory some things but i got tired and anoied beacause of this
  5. i had that third recipe i made the procked result but when i get to the npc they disapear ....i tried 4 times i lost a lot of time and resourced to do this and its the second weeks that i dont have this done . again beacause of this i can continue with the siel quest also ...so
  6. I lost count how many times i tried and its bugged . quest items disapear from inventory , now its bugged i have all 3 recipes at the same time . Who is paying for my lost time beacause i put some money in this game and i start regreting that i did so . Also i never got the lvl 60 achivement... Gm its not responding no help watsoever , do u guys want money or i should go on a different server???
  7. First we need more ppl in game beacause are less and less. so make 2x exp for normal ppl keep vip the same. make crafts easyer put drops more to mobs so ppl get more drops amd get more kinah in game . ppl who sell vip will buy more vip s to get kinah better for u. cut the instance cooldown and moake the drops and the bosses easyer to kill this way ppl get better pve gear. u have ald players with op gear killing new ppl who have fabled gear like mobs . if u get less and less ppl onn sieges make hp on incanation less. if u have good drops on mobs and drop like 3x balic mats u get ppl crafting making more gear cheaper and ppl get gear faster they stay in game .
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