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Found 4 results

  1. STILL HERE!!! We are happy to know you!!.. You who is crazy, weird, awkward, loyal, patient, mentally mature, aggressive only when it needs to ofc and is able to understand and respect others!!! PM Zerir - Spanish or English - Español y Ingles PM ghenix - Spanish only - solo Español ENUMA ELISH Is a bilingual guild, (Spanish and English as the main ways of communication) a place created by friends to have fun in a time where there was always conflict because of the nationalities, we create this Clan /Legion /Guild / Brotherhood” to send all those prejudices and those restrictions to hell, We aim to have fun and enjoy all we can. I would like you to know this, you the one that for his own choice choose to enter this thread and take the time to read this. We are a small group because we have always believed in quality over quantity. I can’t promise you that everything will always be good and fun life is not that easy even in an online game and like in any place in any situation there will be good times and bad times but if you choose to apply to our group you will always have us backing you up. Here some important details: 1° We don’t care if you are a complete beginner or a pro, all are welcome, understand that we are a PVPVE Guild including Crafting. 2° We are mostly on * UTC -5 * (because of the quarantine sadly there is only 3 to 4 of us right now) 3° We have a discord channel you don’t need to have a mic, it’s ok if you only write, but we would like that you at least have Audio for some activities. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENUMA ELIS Es un Grupo Bilingue, (Español y Ingles como los principales Lenguajes de comunicacion) que fue creado por un grupo de amigos para divertirse en los juegos online durante un tiempo en el cual había mucho conflicto por las nacionalidades, nosotros creamos este Clan/Legión/Gremio/ Hermandad” para enviar todos esos prejuicios y restricciones al carajo, Nos enfocamos en divertirnos en todas las maneras posibles. Me gustaria que que tu conozcas esto, tu que por tu propia decisión entraste a este thread y te tomaste el tiempo de leer esto. Nosotros somos un grupo pequeño por que siempre hemos creído en calidad antes que cantidad. No te puedo prometer que todo siempre ira bien y será divertido la vida no es fácil aun en un juego en línea y como en todo lugar hay situaciones que serán buenas y que serán malas pero si decides aplicara nuestro grupo nosotros siempre tendremos tu espalda. Aqui algunos detalles importantes: 1° No nos importa si eres un nuevo o un pro, todos son bienvenidos, esperamos que entiendas que somos un guild PVPVE incluyendo Crafting. 2° Debido a las quarentenas y otros problemas estamos en un horario * UTC -5 * y solo somos 2 a 4 jugadores 3° Tenemos un canal de discord donde no necesitar tener microfono, esta bien si solo escribes, pero nos gustarias que tuvieras Audio para ciertas actividades.
  2. ENTAXH is now recruiting! Infomation about us: We are a PvPvE legion, looking for ACTIVE players for both PvE or PvP! Our target is to do full legion runs: dungeons(6ppl), PvP (arena, OPW), instances(12ppl), Dredgion, weeklies, Sieges, World Bosses. What are we looking for: Players that can understand and speak ENGLISH ! Casual players (2h minimum/day) Minimum level 50. Veteran players. If you are interested, feel free to comment here or add me in-game: Irina or simply join our discord server: https://discord.gg/FKMfsZH
  3. Update: 10.03.2020: ----------------------------- Dear all, for private reasons I have decided to resign as Brigade General of our legion 'Immortality'. Thanks to all who have actively contributed and supported our legion. Maryjoana will become the new Brigade General so if you would like to join Immortality please get in contact with Maryjoana. Thanks again and alle the best Adora ----------------------------- Update: 04.03.2020: ----------------------------- Dear all, in the meanime we have grown further and have a total of 120+ members now. We have many helpful and respectful members that are happy to support each other and play together. We are still recruiting but I would like to point out again that selfish, childish, offensive, immature and trolling players are not tolerated in our legion. Besides the above we have no requirements like a minimum level or a minimum amount of activity (i.e. daily playtime) - we fully respect players that have a real life besides Aion. ----------------------------- Update 11.02.2020: ----------------------------- Hi guys, just to give you a quick update about how the legion has developed: - We have more than 50 english speaking members now - The level of our legion is currently 5 and will of course be expanded further soon - We already do endgame as several members have reached level 60 - We have set up a channel on Discord to enhance our communication - We are still recruiting members idependently from their level. As long as you are a nice person you are welcome to join us! Simply whisper Adora ingame, send me a private message via this forum or create a legion application in our legion forum 🙂 ----------------------------- Initial post 14.01.2020: ----------------------------- Hey there, I have just created a new legion and would like to establish it as an english speaking community. Basically everyone who speaks english can join the legion. There is no other requirement, i.e. it doesn't matter if your character has a low level or if you are just a casual player. Please feel free to whisper me ingame if you would like to join the legion and help it to grow. My ingame name is: Adora The name of the legion is: Immortality Just to point it out again, this legion is intended to be a community of english speaking players. If you want to feel less alone on the server, please feel free to join... :] -----------------------------
  4. Chu

    English players

    Hi, I would like to check this server out but many people says that there are a lot of russian players and you will often feel alone since there are less/not many players who talks in english. Would be nice if anyone who plays here since the serverstart or for some days can express me their own opinion about that. Have you trouble to find english talking people? Are russian players willing to communicate in english / write in latain latters (dunno if spelled correctly xd)? What faction are you playing? (Before I start I would like to join the faction with more english talking people). Thanks in advance Greetings Chu
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