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Event for New Year!

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Dear Players,

We launch New Year's Event, which will start today (12.25.19) and last till 01.10.20.

For every hour of your online on character you will get [Jakunerk] Bundle of Element Fragments (This part will start tomorrow (12.26.19)

  • You can get only 4 bundles per day
  • After re-login, account change or etc. hour timer will reset (You need to stay on a character for a hour to get bundle)
  • 4 new bundles you can get after daily restart at 3:00 a.m. GMT

Same bundles ([Jakunerk] Bundle of Element Fragments) you can obtain with a chance from Defence Corps boxes (green, blue and gold) and by killing following dungeon bosses:

  • Commander Bakarma
  • Tahabata Pyrelord
  • Calindi Flamelord
  • Warden Surama
  • Stormwing
  • Muzzled Punisher
  • Punisher Unleashed
  • Raksha
  • Raksha Boilheart
  • Brigade General Vasharti
  • Zadra Spellweaver
  • Brigade General Tahabata
  • Calindi Flamelord (from Dragon Lord's Refuge)
  • Large Tiamat Treasure Chest (from Dragon Lord's Refuge) - can contain 3 bundles

- Bundle drops only for 1 man in group/alliance
- Each boss can drop 1 bundle except Large Tiamat Treasure Chest which can drop 3.

From the bundle you can get one of the items from list below:

- this items aren't tradable

When you obtain all 5 different items, you need to click on any of them and confirm (picture of Russian confirmation)


After you confirm this, [Jakunerk] Tiamat Treasure Chest will be added to your inventory. (picture of Russian in-game version)


One of the reward from the following list will be droped from this chest:



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