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Punishment for teaming

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Dear Players!

Starting from today we will punish people for teaming at arena of chaos and arena of glory.

If you were teamed and you want enemies to be punished, you should:

  • Make a video, which should be uploaded on youtube with quality not less then 720p.
  • Video must start not later then 60 second after start of arena and end with final score board.
  • There should be moment when you show current date in game.
  • There should be nicknames of teamed players (you can provide that information via screenshots, but screenshots also must be 100% compared to video)

All proofs must be posted in this theme or pm'ed to HGM Kirena or GM Sergeant on the forum.

Attention! All decision about punish or not to punish depends on gm's, every accident will be watched and you will get your answer on it.


  • For teaming at arena of glory: Reduced 50.000 Abyss Points on character and 3 mythril medals penalty
  • For teaming at arena of chaos: Reduced 50.000 Abyss Points on character and jail for at least 5 hours

All reports please leave in this theme:

All posts, which aren't reports (or reports, that made wrong) will be deleted from that theme.

Discussion about rules and accidents are allowed in this theme:


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