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Textures abusing in Dredgion

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Dear Players, starting from tomorrow (07.04.2020) we will punish people for abusing textures in Dredgion (for example sorcerer's blink in Gravity control room at the start of the Dredgion, or Templar using Doom Lure to drop people under textures (we don't want you to stop using that skill, but we can see, if you use it for normal pvp or to drop people under textures on purpose, and also attack the Enforcer Udara through textures)

For make a report you need to record a video:

  • Quality at least 720p. uploaded to Youtube, Video should contain textures abusing on purpose! not random textures bugs
  • Video should be send as private message to HGM @Kirenaor GM @Sergeant


  • Completely removed abyss point, at least 5 hours of jail, 10 mythril medals
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