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This server need some mods here are my ideeas

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First we need more ppl in game beacause are less and less. so make 2x exp for normal ppl keep vip the same.

make crafts easyer put drops more to mobs so ppl get more drops amd get more kinah in game . ppl who sell vip will buy more vip s to get kinah better for u.

cut the instance cooldown and moake the drops and the bosses easyer to kill this way ppl get better pve gear. u have ald players with op gear killing new ppl who have fabled gear like mobs .

if u get less and less ppl onn sieges make hp on incanation less. 

if u have good drops on mobs and drop like 3x balic mats u get ppl crafting making more gear cheaper and ppl get gear faster they stay in game .

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