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[Guide] How to purchase your VIP

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Hi everyone,

This is a guide on how to purchase your VIP on Aion Destiny for more advantages in-game (x2 rates: XP, drop, gather, craft, etc).

To sum up, you need to buy cash shop currency in order to purchase your VIP pack. In other words, you will need to buy tolls with real currency (RUB, €, USD, etc) to be able to trade your tolls for the necessary amount of your desired VIP pack.

Step 1: Insert your desired amount

in one of the possible donation methods and click on the button next to it to continue your shoping.

The payment is 100% secure.

Take into consideration your available tolls. 1 RUB  = 1 toll.

The minimum required for a vip is 350 tolls (RUB).



Step 2.1: Donation via PayPal




Enter your PayPal account:



Step 2.2: Other possible ways


Step 3: Confirm your transaction with the text message from your bank (depend on you bank)

Example: Confirmation from a bank in Russia


Step 4:  Go to the cash shop on the website


Step 5:  Select your VIP pack


Currency exchange and commission: if you're buying tolls therefore roubles with a foreign currency like Euro or USD..., your bank will charge you a small exchange fee.

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