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Server rules

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1. Rights and duties of the Administration

1.1 The Administration reserves the right to take any measures to restrict or terminate the access of users who violate the terms of the rules.

1.2 The Administration has the right to delete and / or change any data, information posted On the resources of the Administration.

1.3 The Administration is not obliged to present evidence confirming the validity of the sanctions applied to a particular user.

1.4 The Administration has the right to block the user's account during the proceedings until further clarification of the circumstances.


2. Rights and obligations of Users

2.1 The User has the right to use the service without extracting any material benefit (from the sale to third parties of in-game items, accounts, things)

2.2 When completing the registration procedure, the user undertakes to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information by filling out the registration form in the administration resources.

2.3 The User undertakes to comply with the rules of the server, the rules of the forum published on the resources of the administration.

2.4 The User is obliged to ensure the non-disclosure of his / her account data, including the password, and is responsible for them.


3. Users are prohibited from:

3.1. Selling/buying game values for non-game currency, selling or exchanging game accounts;

3.2. Any arrangement between players of opposite factions including AP trade and other dishonest manipulations; 

3.3. Dupe / storing duped in-game items;

3.4  It is forbidden to use obscene language and to insult the other players (only LFG and regional channels are moderated);

3.5. Insults, other inappropriate behavior in a dialogue with the Administration of the server (or Administration's representatives) is forbidden;

3.6. Placing advertisement, promotional materials, links to other game projects is forbidden;

3.7. Exploitation of in-game bugs is forbidden;

3.8. It is forbidden to use third-party software;

3.9 Coming and staying in the peace zones of Ingisson / Gelkmaros is forbidden for an opposite faction. 

3.10 Teaming at Arena of Glory/Arena of Chaos


4. Disclaimer of warranties. The user understands and agrees with these points.

4.1 The user uses the services of the administration voluntarily.

4.2 The Administration does not guarantee that the resources will meet the needs of the user.


5. Other conditions 

5.1 The Administration has the right to terminate the provision of services to the user in case of a material breach of the rules.

5.2 Any payment is voluntary and is made solely in the form of donations.

5.3 Not knowing the rules is not an excuse.

5.4 The Administration has the right to make any decision regarding the server and its resources.

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